Wherever you go, pocket-sized solar panels will provide you electricity !

Yesterday morning, I received a very nice tool, maybe essential, to get electricity when I’ll be in isolated farms in South India or during a trek in Nepal’s mountains… a portable charging kit with an accumulator and 2 little solar panels !


With this kind of new technology equipment, you can produce electricity for all your portable devices (phone, camera, etc.). A sunny weather is required, since it needs 2-4 hours of sun per day to fully charge a smartphone or a camera.


The price for this kind of product is still quiet expansive, from $50 to $400, but could be a good investment if you prepare a long trip where there is scarce electricity. If you are interested in purchasing one, you can have a look on this website that compares most of the portable solar panels.

Thanks to this kit, I will be able to take a lot of pictures for this blog and my camera will never run out of power !

New article about small wind turbines is coming soon.

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