Each year, Earth receives 15 000 times the world’s total energy consumption but 1.3 billions people still don’t have access to electricity… what a paradox !

While rich countries have to manage both their energy supply and energy consumption in order to reduce carbon emissions, poorest countries have a lack of energy infrastructure for a durable development.

WindExperience believes that the final removing of the North-South split should primarily be achieved through a global energy rebalancing and renewable energies appear as an important instrument for this global challenge.

Wind turbines in Mustang area - Nepal

Wind turbines in Mustang area – Nepal

The specific aim of WindExperience is to contribute in the development of small wind turbines in India and Nepal. Working for different local NGOs, WindExperience’s objective is to understand their main problems and provide them the best solutions through different business and economic analyses.

Finally, WindExperience would be a great human adventure with the discovery of two wonderful countries by a student in economics during his gap year.

WindExperience est un blog à propos de l’année de césure d’un étudiant en économie en Inde et au Népal. L’objet de WE est de contribuer au développement des petites éoliennes et de partager une belle aventure humaine.

Fly with the wind and support WindExperience !

WindExperience Copyright 2014

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