Presentation of the partner NGOs


WindEmpowerment is an association for the development of locally built small wind turbines for sustainable rural electrification. I’ve discovered WindEmpowerment when I was looking for an internship for my gap year. I’ve been directly in contact with Jon Leary (here his personal website) which has introduced me to others NGO’s working on small wind turbines. The main objective of WindEmpowerment is to bring together the global knowledge about small wind turbines, including technical and economical researches, in order to create an ideal network for the global development of small wind turbines, especially of locally built ones (e.g. Hugh Piggott’s wind turbines).


MinVayuMinVayu is an association based in Auroville (India, Tamil Nadu), which has the objective to meet the need for power in Indian villages by training, supplying and supporting rural mechanics to build, install and maintain low cost wind turbines. By offering affordable small wind turbines, training programs for village mechanics, manufacturers and trainers, MinVayu is actively contributing for a sustainable rural electrification through fitted and personalised solutions. MinVayu is also collaborating closely with ORSED (Organisation for Social and Environment Development) based in Pondicherry (India, Tamil Nadu) in order to develop sustainable and economically viable models for different small wind turbines projects.



Kathmandu Alternative Power and Energy Group or KAPEG is an innovative organisation based in Kathmandu (Nepal). The main objectives of KAPEG is to bring new technologies to Nepal and to assist the population to gain access to electricity and other basic requirements. As in India, more than 25% of the population still don’t have access to electricity in Nepal. In this sense, KAPEG organisation is assessing the different market opportunities and is offering different solutions for the electrification in Nepal.

If you need more informations, I invite you to click on the different logos in order to visit the respective websites.

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